Juicing and Documentaries

I wasn't going to post or write about my latest juice fast but after a conversation at church this morning I realized I am not being truly authentic by not sharing.  I've been keeping my struggle with Chronic Urticaria a secret and it feels deceptive.  Yes, it's gotten a little better but I still suffer from breakouts for no apparent reason.  I feel like I've shifted so far from the health driven person I once was.  So, I have begun a 30 day juice fast that will end July 25 (I'm on day 3).

Anyway, shifting gears for a moment.  If you could hear the noises coming from upstairs in my home right now you'd think my girls were wrestling.  They are "working out".  We've watched two great documentaries recently with them and they are understanding the need for daily exercise.  I love it!  They owned this decision and made up their own routine.

If you are in need of some healthful motivation or are just a health-geek like me here are some suggestions:

Food Matters TV has a free documentary this weekend only.  It's called Overfed & Undernourished.  https://www.fmtv.com/free-screening-june?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1+Free+Screening+List+Starts+Now+Overfed++Undernourished+June+26+2015&utm_content=1+Free+Screening+List+Starts+Now+Overfed++Undernourished+June+26+2015+Version+A+CID_6aef1c27c6e404f0057149d317559d1a&utm_source=Campaign%20Monitor%20Email%20Marketing&utm_term=Watch%20now

Netflix is currently showing Fed Up.  This one is great for the entire family.  My kids really enjoyed it.  However, it's a bit long. We split it up into 2 days.

On YouTube you can watch May I Be Frank.  I really loved this one too!  However, Frank is not for everyone.  If you are easily upset by slightly vulgar language, this is not for you.  And, it's not for kids either.

And of course, my 2 favorites Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead II.

If you watch any of these, please let me know what you think.

Lunch today:

1 cup of cherries, pitted (this is a pain in the butt)
2 green apples
6 carrots
5 romaine leaves